Anchorage line karnmantle rope PN950(KRKD11mm)(121) Karam


Code PN950K11
HSN 56090090
Tax 12 %
Brand Karam
Model PN950(KRKD11mm)
Type Kermentle rope
Material Made from polymide. Kermantle semi static rope 11 MM dia.
Size Length 50, Meter.
Weight 4.4 Kg
Features Made of Polyamide Kernmantle rope of DIA 11 MM. One side hook PN 121 and other side end stop knot. It is more durable, strong & flexible than twisted.
Factory Packing 02 Pieces
MOQ 01 Pieces
Approval CE
Application Climbing, fall arresting.
Availability Ready Stock
Note Also available Longer length.
Quality Rating 5 Star


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